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Dec 26, 2012 5:30pm EST
the snow disappearing on the fee.d we picked up an inch to an inch and a half in the city before we had that cling over to rain. now the current conditions at bwi, 37 with humidity at 100%. wind chill factors feeling like 17 in hagerstown, just 27 in baltimore, that northeasterly wind that will be turning northwest tonight. you seat overall system. the main precipitation wedge is north of baltimore. we've got the center of the low still to come. we've got one notch coming over the center. the main storm over southern west virginia. on the back side there could be some rain and snow showers mixed. here's the setup. the main rain continuing to least area. a band through maybe 7:00, k-89. it's not impossible to see rain or mixed showers first thing in the morning. then we see clearing. the windy conditions will make it feel raw and ugly. temperatures continuing to stay cold. no real warm up. it's a concern to look at our next storm that will come in the wake of this one. you can see this storm blowing out. blustery day but dry. our second storm on the boards developing off the texas co
Dec 18, 2012 5:30pm EST
the view of the city. and then there's a good shot of folks on a sunny day. this place was made for pictures and pictures are meant for sharing. this family uses social media to share photos with their family around the cup tri for their eyes only. >> i would not like anyone using my pictures out anywhere. these are my puck churs. >> it may not be just yours anymore. after january 16th, if you are using instagram, you are giving them unrestricted rights to use your photograph. theysay you still own that photo but if a company likes the photo as well. instagram can license the photo to them and not give you a dime. . >> we still have creative rights. i think we need to be careful of how we give them up. >> this attorney says this is kind of typical. users aresigning up to services and signing away their rights, in some cases without realizing what they're doing. he saysread the terms of service and privacy agreement. >> you have to make sure you're not giving away something that you can't take back or if you take a picture of your friend, you're not giving away something of the the f
Dec 28, 2012 5:30pm EST
overnight. clouds thicken up overnight. the chance for winter weather kicks in about 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. winter advisory is up. you can seat area of highest concern. it's for northern baltimore county. areas south and east, including annapolis, city and eastern shore. there will be an inch or two of slushy snow. clouds continue to overspread the area. this is the leading edge. has it come in timing wise around 6 a.m., around snow advisory -- sunrise, snow begins to fire up. in that time frame we'll have our coldest air of the day. warmer air will try to edge further north. it shifts toward annapolis and north of kent island through the day. then we'll look for rain and snow mixing over the i-95 corridor. kind of a last gasp of the storm. cold air wraps. we could see flurries. a detailed snowfall map in just a second. first, i want to show you the cold air. that will funnel in as we talk about the whole weekend for sunday, cold breezy day, a frigid night tomorrow night. it's going to be a very cold night. plan for that. future trend shows we struggle to get to 32 -- above 32 tomo
Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
, finding a very big chill in the air, only warming up into the mid-40s. ellicott city further south temperatures struggling to get to the upper 40s. a nice look sunset in ellicott city. temperatures now mid to upper 30s for the most part. most of the area, not quite that warm and 43 not exactly warm. a variable south breeze. just a little bit of a wind chill factor, feeling like the mid-30s. how about neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow. first off into the city where we always know that the better weather is in the central part of the state sometimes. that's what we look forward to tomorrow, again, back in the 40s. across the region, some scattered cloud cover, significant cloud cover out to the west where the weather is becoming more active. we'll see things become more active. scattered showers through pennsylvania. that stays west of us. we have a cluster of showers likely to develop off the coast. some of this could edge off the chess is a peefnlgt the -- chesapeake. the pattern looks more active. we may stay dry. saturday looks relatively quiet. we look for warmer air to edge
Dec 27, 2012 5:30pm EST
. things calm down. dundock, view on the eastside, camera shake in the breeze. nice sunset. belaire the heart of hartford we find a mostly cloudy sky most of the day toward sunset. the view from charm city, always a charming one on main street. winds north and west. 15 to 20, gusting higher, gusting closer to 25 and 30 here at the top of the hour. winds from the west creating this wind chill factor in the 20s. take 10, 15 degrees off the air temperature with that kind of chill. the overall set up a clear one. the main storm system continuing to blow out to the north and east. tomorrow temperatures will bounce up close to 40 degrees. this is what becomes interesting. move into saturday with the new storm. watch the air temperatures into the day saturday. right around 32, 33, we will be right on that freezing temperature in central maryland. just north and west of baltimore we will be at or below freezing all day. that means even as the storm moves out and the next one approaches, air temperatures will support some winter weather. no question about that. just a matter of how much and
Dec 5, 2012 5:30pm EST
. >>> reading really is a building block for lrng all the other subjects. students who struggle to read could be left behind. baltimore city is trying to make sure all of its students are reading well by the time they hit third grai.d volunteers are paired up with students to tutor them on reading. >> the third grade read has just begun. they're already increasing the rate of learning, pick up reading skills that they ned to succeed in school and life. >> the program is launching to help 250 students at four elementary schools. volunteers will spend 26 hours tutoring each child. >> tonight people are remembering legendary jazz musician dave brubeck. he was on the way to the hospital for a scheduled checkup. the composer and pianist had hits leak "take five." he helped to define '50s and '60s club jazz. he would have turned 92 tomorrow. >>> the pregnancy complications of the queen are a serious matter but that didn't stop a prank. we have the latest on kate middleton's acute morning sickness. >> reporter: as prince william arrived at the hospital to be by his wife's bedside again th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6